Welcome to the Huntingdon, Peterborough & Cambridge M.S Therapy Centre website

We are a small self-funded charity founded in 1985, providing support, self-help & non-drug complementary & alternative therapies to those with M.S (Multiple Sclerosis).

The Centre is a friendly and relaxed place welcoming all with M.S, those with other conditions, carers & anyone just interested in feeling their best. All are welcome!

The Centre has a specialised gym, offers a range of exercise and movement classes, and provides a range of therapies – all at subsidised prices (subject to membership).

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Huntingdon, Peterborough & Cambridge M.S Therapy Centre – Self-help is our way of action!

Complementary & Alternative Therapies

Our Centre offers a range of complementary & alternative therapies that can help those with M.S and other conditions...

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy involves breathing 100% oxygen in a pressurised chamber for an hour at a time…

Corporate Room Hire

We have a boardroom style room with free WiFi, Smart board, projector, onsite catering and plenty of parking…

Gym Hire

We have a fully equipped studio gym onsite - for both disabled & able bodied people, which is available for hire with bars, mats, vibrogym, toning tables and more…

Member Testimonials

"I think the Oxygen chamber is great. It helps my bladder function and helps to improve my eye sight. I only have to use it once a week."

− Margaret Skelly

"I find the M.S Therapy Centre very friendly - even though I have Cancer and a heart condition, and not M.S. It is like having a big family."

− Linda Allen

"Having attended the Centre for over 12 years, the friendship and the therapies on offer have always impressed me. The satisfaction I get from operating the Oxygen Therapy chamber keeps me going."

− Ted Skelly

"Oxygen Therapy helps me to sleep better, restores better bladder function, & helps to lessen my pain. I also have Shiatsu at the Centre & this seems to help ease my pain."

− Jo Holmes

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