Waitrose (Huntingdon) Green Token Fundraiser (Community Matters)

We are delighted to announce that Waitrose in Huntingdon has selected us to be one of the charities of the month (in July) – under their ‘Community Matters’ fundraising scheme.

Please consider donating your green tokens to us, & advise your friends & family, so they may do the same (if they so wish).

To receive a green token at Waitrose, simply complete your shopping with them & you will be given a token at the checkout. Place the token into the relevant collection box at the Huntingdon branch of Waitrose, during July. (If you are not automatically given a green token at checkout, please do ask for one. Apparently there is no minimum spend.)

The more tokens we collect, the bigger the portion of the donation pot we will receive (which is shared out between three local good causes each month).

For more information, view this link.

Thank you in advance. We really appreciate your help.